Beat The Streets Cleveland

Positively alter life’s trajectory for K-12 student-athletes in the City of Cleveland by giving them access to youth development, mentoring, and wrestling.



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Beat The Streets Cleveland
Executive Director

Demetrius O. Williams

Beat The Streets Cleveland
Board of Directors

Ron Gross

Alec McClennan

Todd Gaydosh

Nick Ward

Jim Gaydosh

Jake Kornblatt

Brian Mulhall

About Beat the Streets Cleveland

Beat the Streets Cleveland (“BTS Cleveland”) is a not-for-profit organization that cultivates youth development in underserved communities by teaching the important concepts of respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity and perseverance, through the sport of wrestling. The organization was formed in 2016 by individuals whose lives have been positively influenced by the sport, and is a chapter of the national organization, Beat the Streets National. Our core focus is to positively alter life’s trajectory for Cleveland area youth through mentoring, training and youth athletics. Simply stated, Beat the Streets Cleveland is opening doors for Cleveland youth that would otherwise be closed. In 2019 we successfully supported over 200 children throughout the City of Cleveland through working with 3 local schools. Robinson G. Jones, Anton Grdina and Cleveland Central Catholic High School. We offered 2 six week programs, we sent a group of 35 K - 12 students on a life altering trip to Indiana for an iron Sharpens Iron Summer Camp, this camp consisted of some of the top athletes in the country and lastly we had in-season competition team which consisted of youth and middle student athletes. As a whole 2019 was an amazing year that was ultimately the foundation. Because of the success, we have decided to expand into 2 additional locations; Harvey Rice and Joseph Gallacher and more. We are anticipating we will be able impact over 400 children this year and by 2028 neatly 2,000 children annually.

Beat The Streets Cleveland is officially a chapter of Beat the Streets Nationals

There are currently Beat The Streets Chapters in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Providence, Los Angeles and Cleveland, Ohio

Beat The Streets Nationals Mission:

Beat the Streets cultivates youth development in under-served communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of quality wrestling programs.

"Being apart of Beat the Streets in Cleveland has given me the opportunity to travel and meet new people within the sport of wrestling"

Recent High School Graduate - Unicef

“Wrestling taught me on the mat as well as in life that nothing is given everything is earned,”

BTS Student - RG Jones Elementary School

"My child has improved socially and academically once he joined Beat The Streets Cleveland, Thank You BTS"

BTS Parent - Anton Grdina Elementary School

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